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Being married to an Australian and mother to a true coconut lover, I knew it was inevitable. Some day, I’d have to make lamingtons. Well, that day was yesterday! Everyone was very excited to try to make these beauties, particularly the coconut lover, who asked 4,523 times if they were ready. Turns out there are lots of steps to a lamington.

It all starts with a small cake, baked and cooled and then cut into cubes and refrigerated for an interminable length of time. You can guess what’s next, though – once cold enough to be less crumbly, the little cakes are dunked in chocolate and then rolled in coconut. Gorgeous. This first attempt was a bit lumpy, although the coconut fortunately masks a bit of that.

Verdict? The instigator was extremely happy. Those of us who aren’t as fond of coconut really liked the plain ones that we made. Seriously – how can you argue with a cake that’s coated with chocolate?


(Don’t be ridiculous. He didn’t eat all three! Not in one sitting, anyway.) 



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