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Posted by laura on Feb 07 2008 | Bicycle

working bicycle 

Check out this great working bike. No matter how many little comments a certain person in my household makes about its cranky gears or its general age and infirmity, I still love it. It was a super cheap San Francisco Bicycle Coalition bike swap find, and we have become fast friends. Now that everyone in our family is riding solo, I’ve taken the child seat off the back, and I think it’s really working that dashing new silhouette. (Also, it no longer sounds eerily like the rattling overhead cargo bins in an ancient 737 as I taxi down the bike path!)

I took this shot at the end of a great bike commuting day. We dropped the first child off at elementary school. Doubled back to drop off the second child at preschool. Rode downtown to work. At the end of the school/work day, picked up first child, rode to grocery store. Both cyclists brought in bike baskets to shop with and pack up the groceries in – somewhat bewildering the perpetually grumpy bagger. (Every grocery store has to have one official Grumpy Bagger. Hey – that would be a good name for a band!) Stopped for a snack break. Then picked up second child from preschool, rode home, took picture.

See how noble this bike is? Groceries and all. Don’t tell it that I’m planning to buy a new bike. I don’t want it to feel threatened, because I still love it.

Here is a look at Ricochet’s bike:


Check out the mud on the back of that thing. Now close your eyes, and visualize the racing stripe up his back! 

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  1. have you seen this website/blog? thought of you when i came across it via eco-chic:

    it is a blog which captures the fantastic style of the daily bike riders in Copenhagen, where 36% of the population commute on their bikes each day. very inspiring.

    17 Feb 2008 at 8:08 pm

  2. laura

    Thanks Amy – I love that blog!! It’s inspiring to see so many people riding their bikes, all dressed up, day and night. Boy do we have a long way to go to catch up to Copenhagen!

    I’m planning another post with my favorite bike links – I’d love to see a few more bikers in heels around here!

    17 Feb 2008 at 11:04 pm

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