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Posted by laura on Feb 15 2008 | Making

Despite having a veritable valentine production agency in our house for the past week – we made over 50 of them between our families, schools and teachers – do you think I have a photo to share? Nope. Someone should fire the production line manager. Oh wait – that’s me. Hm.

So for want of any nice hearts and flowers to share, I thought I’d post a little lego love.lego2.jpg 

We’ve been the extremely lucky recipients of a wide assortment of lego – from gift kits to yard sale finds and hand-me-downs. So much so that we have one of those storage ottomans filled with the best collection of lego bits – any random handful can bring up a bunch of standard blocks, plus a fuselage, a window, an astronaut, a knight’s shield, three kinds of wheels and that little grey piece of undetermined lineage. Hours of entertainment.

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  1. um, all this time i, uh, um thought comments were not allowed. then i saw someone actually left a comment! now i feel like an idiot, because i would have told you from the start that i love your posts.

    plus, i have something i wanted to share with you about the bike post, so i’m going to leave you another comment there!

    17 Feb 2008 at 8:03 pm

  2. laura

    thanks, amy!!

    18 Feb 2008 at 12:15 pm

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