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Posted by laura on Feb 18 2008 | Bicycle

My good friend Amy from mom go green included a great link in her comment to my working bike post. The blog she linked to is Copenhagen Bicycle Chic, and it’s a site I visit regularly for biking inspiration. Here is a city that knows how to bike. Certainly not the only city – there are plenty of places in the world where the bicycle is actually viewed as a very reasonable form of everyday transportation. But shoot – these folks have some style! You have to check it out. There’s more bike greatness to be found at The Copenhagen Bike Culture Blog

Here in Marin, where I live, there seems to be some unwritten rule that you cannot possibly hop on your bicycle without a minimum 95% lycra content to your clothing, not to mention loud endorsements printed all over said clothing. So I get great pleasure from photos of people around the world, riding their bikes with umbrellas, high heels, building supplies, pets – you name it. Why not put some style in your ride?

Some of my other favorite bike fashion/attitude sites are:

The Sartorialist’s bicycle section. I’m no fashion plate, but I love seeing people who have a great sense of style. This hugely popular blog posts photos of people with terrific style, and it’s fun and inspiring even for someone like myself who is not really connected to the fashion world at all.

The Velocouture pool over at Flickr is good fun too. Just folks on bikes – but again, with less spandex and more style!

There’s a family in Seattle that keeps a great blog called Car Free Days, and I love their family biking attitude. Now that I (finally!) have an order in for my own xtracycle, I get lots of inspiration from this family – you should check out how nicely they tricked out the Mum’s bike. It’s beautiful!!

And finally, here’s a photo that should really inspire us to think about our car/bicycle ratio. It’s from, surprise surprise, Amsterdam – courtesy of a great bicycle parking post on the David Baker + Partners Architects website. Check out this parking garage:amsterdam_bike_garageproject_large.jpg

NOW we’re talkin. 

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  1. Laura,

    Thanks for the kind words. I’m glad you like our blog. We’re having a great time – we all love getting around on bikes. I’ll check back for pictures of your Xtracycle. You’ll love it. Cheers – Anne

    18 Feb 2008 at 4:30 pm

  2. peter

    Hey love the post and the bike. I’ve been looking into something that I can add to my bike to carry things. So far nothing’s the right size. I like the Xtracycle idea.

    Your photo above made me want to plug bike groups that help make bike commuting a reality. Joining helps give them a voice.

    19 Feb 2008 at 11:08 pm

  3. laura

    Anne – thank you for the comment! Your blog is an inspiration to me.

    Peter – that’s such a good thought. Thanks for posting those links! If I’m going to wish for more of a bike culture in my city, I really ought to join up with the groups that are trying to do just that.

    You’ll have to come try out my xtracycle when it comes in!

    20 Feb 2008 at 7:26 am

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