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Posted by laura on Mar 04 2008 | Great design

Hey all you arty people – get yourselves over to the RISD Northern California Alumni Biennial 2008 at the Oakland Art Gallery! It opens tonight, March 4 (happy birthday Mike D!) and runs till March 29. When you get there, make sure you check out our friend Peter’s photographs – they’re fantastic.

Have some lame excuse, like you don’t have time, or a car, or you live 3000 miles away? Well you’re lucky because you can still check out his work online at Peter Belanger Photography. Way to go, Peter!!

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  1. Peter

    Hey thanks for the post. The opening was lots of fun, felt like I was back at school again. Well not the work but the art part.

    05 Mar 2008 at 10:44 pm

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