Happy Easter Egg Day

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It’s been too long since the last post, and that’s because I had to work on our taxes. No one wants to see a picture of our taxes. Or me working on them. I’m such an art student – we have a bookkeeper for work AND an accountant who actually prepares the taxes for us, and still I manage to make a drama out of it.

There is so little I have to do – keep track of all the home expenses, collect the 1099s, run the end of year reports for the office – and yet every year without fail I sit in front of our accountant with that pit in my stomach wondering when the first mistake will be discovered. It’s the grown up version of sitting down at a piano lesson and launching into a piece that you neglected over the week, and you’re just praying you can sight-read it through with enough finesse to convince your teacher that you really did practice quite a good deal but are having an off-day. You try to put on a good show, but deep down you know she can see right through you. (Of course, Mum and Dad, this example is purely hypothetical. One could certainly imagine something like this happening to a child…)

This year I lasted all of, oh, a minute and a half until we discovered that I’d printed all our office reports on an accrual basis when we’re actually cash based. Yup. It’s a small defense to note that our program preset the reports to print that way – at least I didn’t actively choose the wrong approach. But I sure didn’t notice! There appears to be some small part of me that is desperate to leave our accountant wondering how we manage to stay in business.

Other than that character building exercise, things have been pretty quiet. The kids painted easter eggs on Friday, and on a neighborhood bike ride that afternoon, Hot Wheels called out “Happy Easter Egg Day!” to all the neighbors who were out. Here’s what the eggs look like:paintedeggs.jpg

Honest – I wasn’t trying to be melodramatic with this photo – it just got late. Check out these great colors, though… 


 I wish we could have dyed dozens of these – they are just so beautiful. Only problem is that I really like to keep the eggs, so I blow them out, and finishing just these four nearly did me in. Now that I think of it, though, I’m heading off to Peru next month to see my godmother, and this could be a great altitude training regimen for our trip to Machu Picchu! 

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  1. Joe

    Happy Easter egg day to you too, Hot Wheels, and Big Wheel, and Ma and Pa Wheels too.

    What is amazing to me, Laura, is that you seem to feel bad about presenting your information on an accrual basis when you are really cash based but, honestly, I would never in a million years be able to tell you the difference between the two. In fact I never even realized such things existed. So don’t feel too bad. Your accountant would not only not help me, but would throw me out and then enjoy a good laugh at my expense.

    24 Mar 2008 at 11:35 am

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