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Posted by laura on May 19 2008 | Awesome

Talking about cool, and how I’m just ultracool these days with my awesome new shirt, you have to see this amazing video I just watched – it’s called 

Battle at Kruger

Have you seen it? No?? Doh!!! You have to go right now and check it out cause it’s absolutely incred….


..nice try.  You have so totally seen it. You thought I’d fall for that innocent look? That, “Gosh, Laura, I haven’t seen this-what do you call it? Battle at Krugman’s? Isn’t he an op-ed columnist? Isn’t he a pacifist?…”

You are so busted.


Thirty-two million two hundred thirty thousand five hundred and five views – yeah sure you haven’t seen it.

Besides, when my view got there, it overheard your view muttering about ‘all these new views coming in’ when it had liked this video since September. (Good thing I’m not allergic to italics.) Well, don’t worry – this video is too crowded for me, and most of the other views will go home when the season is over, so you can have it all to yourself again. That is, you and the folks who have been there since last MAY. And you call yourself a local.



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