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Yay for summer. Here’s to making meals right before you eat them – no more lunches and snacks piled up on the counter every morning. Here’s to long bike rides. Here’s to the leafy cool library. Here’s to keeping the days long and lazy.

Tom’s parents were out for a visit – they days truly fly by when they’re here. Last weekend it was hot hot hot out here so we hit the beach first thing in the morning. We got to see the runners starting out on the double Dipsea (they run up and over the mountain twice). Just thinking about that made us decide to get breakfast first. And maybe take a nap. It was a beautiful day on the beach, watching the seals and playing in the sand.

This week we’ve been doing some crafty projects. My daughter has made a few pillows for her big bear and her doll and her brother.

The big flowery one is for Hot Wheels. He loves that fabric. We also dug through the scraps to find some material for a sundress for my daughter, and came up with this beautiful polka dotty fabric that Mum brought out at the beginning of the year. It had been lurking up in my parents’ attic, so who knows how long it’s been around. It certainly has that nice old cottony feeling to it. We opted for a simple, sleeveless, princess-seamed number that should feel good in Boston, provided I get it stitched up in time. 

I think the polka dots are awesome. Perfect summertime fare.

Right now it’s just waiting for the zipper, collar lining and sleeve edging. I might have to hem it in Boston, seeing as we leave Sunday night. Down to the wire, that’s my general plan for everything.


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