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Posted by laura on Aug 12 2008 | Reusable, Sewing


Been whipping up felt bags for all our little gifties. They’re just so fast to make, and I love that they’re reusable. Lately I’ve been sewing an extra strip of felt along the top and cutting a small handle out of the base layer below – the top layer gives a little extra support and structure. 

Another method that’s worked really well in the past is to cut a couple of branches, about a half inch in diameter, and use them for handles. Just sew a couple of felt loops at the top of the bag to hold them in (I found that it really helps to stitch around the ends of the branches so they can’t slip out.) It’s an incredibly easy solution that always looks nice – particularly with a bird or branchy silhouette stitched onto the bag.

These days, though, I seem to be leaving them till the very last minute and as you can see, the decorations are pretty minimal. Maybe next time I’ll try to get fancy… ha! That sounds like it would involve some advance thought. Better not.


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  1. Kristen

    The only problem with these bags is that the recipients may find them too beautiful to pass on! Really, though, what a great idea…it makes me want to learn how to sew (and that’s saying something!).

    19 Aug 2008 at 6:06 pm

  2. laura

    Kristen – you’re way too kind. In a year or two you’ll probably be so sick of my homemade wrapping you’ll be begging someone to take them off your hands!!

    You’d be absolutely amazed at how easy the sewing is on these things, though. Thankfully so, since I never have it together enough to make them ahead of time and it’s always a photo finish with me clipping the last threads on the way up to the party!

    21 Aug 2008 at 7:03 am

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