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Posted by laura on Aug 27 2008 | Holiday, Tasty

1 interesting thing that’s happened lately is that we’ve had 2 game nights with 3 families in a span of 4 nights, playing 5 different games – and we haven’t had a game night in about 6 years. Crazy! Here’s how it happened – the first night was with some friends we’ve had since we first moved out here. We were signed on for dessert, and we thought it might be fun to make ‘game night cupcakes.’

 Basically this turned out to be buying and making candy toppers that either looked like or loosely resembled games we could think of. (How awesome are the lego candies that you can build with and eat?!) 

When we set off to the candy store that morning we saw the girls across the street and told them what we were up to. Later that afternoon, as we were assembling cupcakes, the girls stopped by with something they’d found in the city – a long, rectangular, pink marshmallow! It was a lavender marshmallow that they thought might work for some kind of decoration. Next thing we know, the girls (no fools) were thinking that we should have a game night at their house as well. 


So on Monday, they came over to our house and we had Game Night Cupcakes Round 2. 

This was particularly good, since on Friday we weren’t able to use the ridiculously beautiful marshmallow they brought over, and so we were able to cut it into cubes and make dice out of it. We went with a pink and white theme – pink dice, white chocolate (diced!), coconut, peppermint sprinkles, a couple of red skittles and chopped red vines. It was like Valentine’s in July. The girls and Hot Wheels did a terrific job decorating, as you can see:

YUM. We made the Moosewood vegan chocolate cake, which is ridiculously delicious.

It may sound like the games were taking second fiddle to all this cupcake preparation, but they were super fun. It was entertaining to play with a spread of ages and abilities in the room – that’s where games like Cranium shine. There’s something for everyone – although I have to say that every time Hot Wheels did a charade, it looked like the exact same thing, regardless of the word. Kind of a rabid race car thing. Very confusing. We’d all sit there shouting stabs in the dark – Cheetah! Bagel! Sofa! Global warming! That was challenging, but at least it made the rest of us feel a bit more confident in our acting skills. 

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