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Posted by laura on Sep 07 2008 | Bicycle, Fun

There’s a wonderful bistro style restaurant in Sausalito called Le Garage – aptly named, it occupies the corner of one of the big old shipyard buildings along the marina, and its two exterior walls are each dominated by huge red garage doors. One is always open and the other gets rolled up when it’s sunny.


We’ve taken to biking down on a Sunday morning – their brunch starts at 10, and it’s quite tasty, but we just love getting there an hour earlier, when all they have is counter service with drinks and a couple of different pastries. Tom favors a latte that they serve in a big white bowl. We get hot chocolates and croissants and sit and watch the boats and the early morning passing parade. We’ve biked down a few times now with friends and it’s always been just a stunning start to weekend morning. C’est magnifique, I tell you.

This morning there was a nice old Yamaha at the bike racks. 

A couple of weekends ago, we stopped at the Bay Model on the ride home. This place is wicked cool, as we’d say back east. It’s a working model of the entire bay – it simulates currents and tides, and it’s over 1.5 acres in size. That’s just nuts.


Hey look! It’s a tiny Golden Gate Bridge.

Perhaps our favorite section of the Bay Model building is off to the side of the model itself, and it talks about the history of Marinship, the WWII Liberty Ship building unit that originally erected all the buildings along this stretch of the marina. The Marinship exhibit was spectacular. 





There were so many amazing stories behind these ships, from the logistics of getting the shipyard up and running in record time, to the individual stories of the workers themselves.

I was particularly fond of one original poster for female shipyard workers, instructing them on proper bandana-tying technique. It never occurred to me that the Rosie the Riveter bandana arrangement wasn’t just for safety – it preserved the hairdo! Here’s what I learned.

“A gay bandana, properly tied, means efficient charm on the job, undiminished allure after hours.”

Because there’s nothing worse than diminished allure, right sisters?




Don’t you just love how the woman in this photo is just rockin her bandana and goggle look? Fabulous.

My friend Joan pointed out a terrific story about a man who left the shipyards every night pushing a wheelbarrow full of hay. The security guard at the gate carefully looked through the hay each night to be sure the man wasn’t stealing anything, but there was never any contraband to be found.

Eventually the man was fired, and the day he left, the security guard asked him why – was he stealing something?

Yup – wheelbarrows.

My last two shots for today’s post are of some pelicans that we saw on the way home this morning. Pelicans!

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  1. What a great Sunday! I feel so refreshed and ready for the week.

    We’ll your latest post is well written (as usual), entertaining and very informative. Frankly, it’s what I was trying to say in my tweet that day:

    08 Sep 2008 at 8:19 am

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