Sending My Egrets

Posted by laura on Sep 11 2008 | Awesome, Bicycle, Fun


Yes I know. I’m just too funny for words. I’m sorry. I just can’t help it.

Ok, tacky titles aside – Hot Wheels and I had the best, best, best bike ride home from ballet this morning. It’s bird heaven here these days. I just simply had to take a few mediocre photos.

The bike path was quieter than usual. We could spot about a dozen different birds, and the long, still egrets were nicely juxtaposed by fast packs of small birds flying in close formation. We could hear fish darting up against the surface of the bay, and we sat out on rocks for what seemed like a week and a half trying to get a good look at them. No luck, but it was divine. 

(Check these guys out. The one on the left was saying, “I’m not talking to you,” and the one on the right was like, “Fine. I’m not talking to you either.”)



I have to confess a bit of confusion regarding the egret, heron and crane families. They’re like keeping track of second cousins and first cousins once removed. It gets a bit blurry. But they’re beautiful!

We did see one gigantic blue heron, but not until it was too tricky to get a shot. (Of it, not at it – this ain’t Palin country, people.) When I was in Peru, Tom and the kids actually saw a blue heron dart down, grab a gopher and eat it in one gulp. Tom is now a blue heron devotee.

I’m still mad at that heron for completely disappearing from the bike path for the duration of my parents’ visit last winter. My parents were all, “Oh you have a humungous blue heron that hangs out along the path to school? What’s his name? Harvey??” I ought to give that heron a piece of my mind. He sure made me look bad. Although eating a gopher is a nice way to make up for it.

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