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Last month at the Alameda flea market I came up with a couple of finds. One of them was an old grocery store sign that I put up on our daughter’s bedroom door.


Now everybody knows which room is hers. Just in case you couldn’t tell from the bright pink bathrobe and curtains.

Honey came home the other day and said, “Good news, Mummie! Mr. Frierson would be delighted to come to dinner!”

Right! Fortunately I know who Mr. Frierson is. He’s one of the two terrific PE teachers at the elementary school. When I called him to confirm, I asked if he had any food preferences, and he told me, “Oh just ask your daughter – we went over that at school. She said we’d be having a soup with pasta and chicken… it sounded great to me.” Now if only I could get her to organize Thanksgiving, we’d be in business!

On a different tangent, as I was working on the snowflake fairy dress tonight (just have to hem it now!) I listened to some podcasts from The Moth. If you haven’t come across it yet, The Moth is a storytelling organization in New York. “True stories told onstage without notes” is what they say, and boy do the storytellers deliver. Some of the stories I’ve heard have knocked my socks off. 

One of my hands-down favorites that I heard tonight was a story told by Matthew McGough, titled ‘My First Day with the Yankees.’ I’m making a promise here; even my die-hard, Red Sox-devoted relatives would love this story. I didn’t find the track on their site, but it’s on iTunes. (Turns out he’s written a book, too.) If you’re ever working late on a project I’d recommend it highly. I feel like my kids – just one more story!!

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  1. Joe

    That’s ok, Laura, Honey was just channelling Elwood P. Dowd. As long as she doesn’t start introducing you to friends you can’t see you’re still in the clear.

    03 Nov 2008 at 10:12 am

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