Election Day Snapshots

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We walked out of our polling place at 8am, so you can see I was still a little blurry.


Hot Wheels, on the other hand, was bright and chipper.


We spent the evening at Amy and Andy’s, jumping from station to station, watching the returns and eating the tastiest butternut soup on the planet.


Amy was standing in the Cowgirl Creamery shop in the San Francisco Ferry Building on Tuesday afternoon when a man walked in and said to the woman at the counter, “I need some victory cheese.”


At the end of John McCain’s concession speech, Amy and Andy’s daughter came in and asked, “Why are you all clapping? They can’t hear you.” Amy replied, “Yes but we hope they can feel us.” 


Right after they announced Obama as the new president all the kids came running in – “What happened?! What happened?!”

“Obama’s the new president!” 

“So for real life we can have a piece of candy with breakfast tomorrow?”


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  1. Obama’s children get a puppy, I’m glad our kids we’re happy with candy. Much easier to take care of.

    07 Nov 2008 at 11:38 am

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