Happy Birthday, Hot Wheels!

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Is it possible that this dude is 5? (Let me amend that… this is him when he was a baby. He turned 5 today.)

He’s having an awesome birthday so far, filled with lego and vehicles and books and, you guessed it – a hot wheels ramp. He’d been hoping for one for such a long time. So today is a thoroughly good day.

On Tuesday, school was out for the holiday, and we went for a beautiful bike ride up at Samuel P. Taylor park with Joan and the girls. 

We had a great ride, complete with picnic lunch and sketching down by the river.



Honey took the shot of the hay. She was going bonkers over the horses on the hill.

It was a great day for food, too! See this nice pumpkin?


Look at all those beautiful seeds. Let’s say you had all those gorgeous seeds, plus the seeds from two other carving pumpkins and a squash. What would you do with such bounty? You’d toast them nicely in the oven, wouldn’t you? Until they were perfectly crunchy and salty and oh-so-good. Well I meant to do that, last week, but instead of toasting them to perfection, I burned the life out of them. After all that goopy scooping and picking and washing, we sat down to dinner right in the same room with all those seeds and I completely forgot them. Doh!

All wasn’t lost, though, because then I just cooked that sweet pumpkin with some butter and brown sugar until it was mushy. Then on Tuesday morning I used it to make Pumpkin Bread.


I followed this recipe from Epicurious, which was easy and so, so yummy. We had it that night with white bean soup. The ideal cozy end to a fall day.

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