Posted by laura on Nov 15 2008 | Fun, Tasty


Hot Wheels took in birthday treats for his preschool classmates on Friday. Check out the awesome cars Mum and Dad sent to him in his birthday package. He thought they were so cool he was dying to put them on the cupcakes. They’re such fabulous candies – stylish vintage form, beautiful matte colors, great packaging. We’re sold.

After school, the kids’ best friends came back to our house to play for the afternoon, and then we all had dinner at their house that evening.

These guys have known each other all their lives. We met their parents in Lamaze class before the girls were born. The girls are 10 days apart and the boys, by an amazing and fortunate coincidence, are 6 days apart. They’re really good set.



I have to admit this picture of the girls together just brings a lump to my throat.

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