Having an Epiphany

Posted by laura on Jan 05 2009 | Lists, Uncategorized

Happy New Year, everybody! Here are some of our resolutions.


1. Learn how to ice skate 

2. Have $100 in my bank account by the end of the year

Hot Wheels:

1. Play lego

2. There was no 2 – he really didn’t get the concept


1. There was no 1 – he couldn’t commit ¬†


1. Spanish (just because it’s been on the list for years doesn’t mean it can’t happen, you know)

2. Lose my fear of turning in ballet class (or just gain the ability to turn)

3. Process transient data (ok I threw that one in just for Dad)

4. Make more art

I actually have an ongoing resolutions list in my head with about five hundred and thirty seven things on it, but I’ve learned with resolutions you really must narrow it down to just a couple finalists to completely ignore throughout the year.

In all my years of making resolutions, I’ve probably only followed through on about three of them, but those few successes give me an unrealistic optimism every single January. Resolutions are fabulous: as barometers of our interests and priorities, as plumb lines of our belief in our ability to change. Or maybe it’s just that I love making lists. Either way, they sure help me get over the end of the holidays and see the new year with fresh eyes.

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  1. beautiful! let’s go ice skating while speaking spanish and you can turn by accident! we can keep a lego in our pocket, just to be fair.

    06 Jan 2009 at 10:23 am

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