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Posted by laura on Feb 26 2009 | Awesome, Uncategorized

Good news, everybody. I finally wore holes in my first pair of ballet slippers. Woo hoo! Here they are in all their shredded glory.


I can hear you now – Laura! Has it ever occurred to you to wash those things? Well, Honest Abe, I do. But this studio has tons of classes and they all wear different types of shoes. Not to mention all the people who stroll across the floor in their street shoes even though there are signs everywhere saying to take them off. (It’s just like the signs at the pool that say “Everyone MUST take a cleansing shower before entering the pool!” Yeah, right. We’re all about to stroll around wearing skin tight scraps of clothing and do handstands on the bottom of the pool, but that shower is just soo dorky!)

As I left class this morning, I told Joan (teacher Joan, as opposed to neighbor Joan) that I was off to see Swan Lake tonight in San Francisco. She said she was going on Saturday, and we’d have to compare notes. And then she added, “Don’t forget to take your shoes! You know – just in case they need some help.” Good thing I have new shoes, eh?

newshoesDon’t they just look precious? Although, to do it right, I really ought to have placed a long-stemmed red rose lying next to them, added a nice Gaussian blur and a poetic little quote at the bottom in a flourishing script. Something like, “The song of the world begins with one step” or “Dancing reveals the music of the heart.” You know the drill.

I’ve never been to Swan Lake, however, so I’d better do some cramming over at You Tube. I’ll let you know how it goes tonight! 

Oh – and one more thing. Do you see something new, something fancy, something deeply satisfying in this post? That’s right, folks; wrapping text. I have longed for wrapping text for a year. I actually made it work once a long time ago, but HTML and I go together a bit like oil and water, and I never could make it happen again. Then Tom helped me upgrade my WordPress a week ago, and I thought I had it in the bag. Still no go. Then Tom realized that my theme was a bit on the old side and he fixed it up for me. So here’s a mighty THANK YOU to Tom!! For putting up with me and being such a superstar. You’re the greatest.

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  1. Wow – thanks for the nice compliment. I always enjoy solving other peoples problems, they’re always easier to fix than your own.

    What are you going to do w/the old shoes?

    26 Feb 2009 at 2:39 pm

  2. laura

    duh! bronze them, silly.

    26 Feb 2009 at 3:27 pm

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