Chicken Littles

Posted by laura on Mar 18 2009 | Awesome, Fun

Honey is eight, as I’ve mentioned before. Like many an eight year old, she is a fervent lobbyist for No Pet Left Behind, with a firm agenda that every household should have at least a dozen pets. Like many a lobbyist, she is persistent and wily, but the administration has remained inflexible on this issue, citing frequency and duration of the travel schedule as its main objection.

Now, however, we’ve stumbled into what might be one of the best pet programs imaginable. Our friends Finn and Susie keep chickens up at their house, which already is great for us since they take all our food scraps to feed their chickens – awesome. But on top of that, they just ordered six new babies and asked if Honey & Hot Wheels would like to borrow two of them for a little while! We get to cuddle them and watch over them while they’re tiny and unbelievably cute, and then we can visit them when their bigger and beautiful. How great is that? They are insanely adorable and do wacky things like take dust baths in their food bowl and rap on their box like they’re calling a meeting to order. I’m also convinced that they’re in cahoots to escape said box and take over the whole house, so I’ve let them know I have my eye on them.


Watch out, little chickie!!!

Watch out, little chickie!!!

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  1. Are those chickens playing with blocks? I love chickens, and that is not a joke about loving to eat them. I think they are very cool. BTW, what’s gotten into you? Your blog is on such a roll!

    18 Mar 2009 at 7:44 pm

  2. laura

    Yes the chickens love the blocks. They’re very precocious. You’re right though – they really are cool! These ones particularly are super pretty and unusual.

    Thanks for the comment, and I don’t know what’s gotten into me. Perhaps my typing is finally catching up with my talking!

    18 Mar 2009 at 9:00 pm

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