What A Week!

Posted by laura on Mar 27 2009 | Fun

Whew! Has it been a week? Unbelievable. This one went like a rocket. Here are some highlights:


Our friend Andy plays drums in a band called Cheap Therapy (I know – such a great name), so last Friday we had a babysitter for all the kids and went out and danced all night. The band was fantastic, Andy was inspiring, we all had an amazing time. One of the songs they play is Feelin’ Alright, and every time I hear the opening keyboard for that song it makes me crazy happy because it reminds me of a favorite mix from Joe, years ago. 


We went for a walk last weekend in the morning with our neighbors. This is what we saw:













It turned into a double rainbow and was simply spectacular. We chased it down but all we found in the pot was a snarky little note about how all the gold had gone to the bailouts. Bummer.









Hot Wheels started his first soccer thing, and at 5 he was one of maybe a third of the group who hadn’t played before. There were some serious ringers in this group. Yikes! They were all kinds of cute, though. We were particularly grateful to the Orlandis for giving Hot Wheels some cool Puma gear last summer so he looked like hot stuff out on the field.















There’s always a moment in the life of a Lego kit when the owners can finally release the ideal of the kit object and let all the pieces go into the big lego collective. It’s a great scene when the astronauts meet Indiana Jones and the medieval knights on the playing field. In our home, most kits are quickly assimilated by the borg ottoman that houses our mixed lego collection. The only holdout right now is the airplane. It took so long to put together the first time, Honey’s not quite ready to let it go into the wilds of the loose lego. 

This week a friend of hers from school came over, and he spent a good amount of time trying to put the plane together, and he did a great job. The bummer about the big Lego plane, though, is that it takes ages to assemble but milliseconds to break. So all his hard work ended up all over the floor just before he went home. Such a shame. Honey revised the plane later in the week, though, and made this:















So much more stable – I love the proportions on this guy.



This week we were on the schedule to bring dinner to our friends whose daughter is quite sick. I’ve always been curious about what the best foods are to bring to people after a baby or a sickness, etc. Here’s what I came up with this time around: 

- Container of raw cut veggies (I always throw one of those in because I detest cleaning and chopping veggies when I’m tired, so I think they’re handy)

- Mum’s dinner rolls

- Penne with roasted butternut, leek, zucchini, chicken and brown butter sage (with some goat cheese to crumble on the top)

- Mixed greens with basil and orange

- Gingersnaps

There were a few more odds and ends – drinks and spare snacky things – but that was the main idea. Plus some orange gerber daisies because they’re gorgeous. Have some good dinner delivery ideas? I’d love to hear them…



The chicks are getting bigger and bigger. Here they are having a little jaunt in the garden:



Susie and Finn told the kids they could name them, which was both kind and brave. Hot Wheels named his (on the left in the photo) Crystal Chickie, and Honey named hers Opaquea (that’s Opaque with an ‘ah’ at the end). Now Hot Wheels, I get – he names everything Crystal. Why? Not sure. Maybe it’s the most magical sounding thing he can dream up. But Opaquea? Heaven only knows.

The chicks are growing like mad – you can see their feathers filling in more each day. Twice we’ve come home to find them standing in the middle of the room wondering what happened. I’ll tell you what happened – they flew out of the box, that’s what! They’re getting stronger and sleeker every day and are darned cute, which is lucky for them, the tricky little things.


Happy weekend, everybody!

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