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Have You Seen TED Today?

Posted by laura on Mar 02 2009 | Awesome, Uncategorized

If you haven’t been over lately, go now. I’ll catch you later.

Today I watched A. J. Jacobs’ talk about his year of living biblically and enjoyed every minute. I’ve heard him on the radio and read a few of his articles, and always laugh at his self deprecating style and admire his insight. Somehow I’d missed this project, and it was a treat to watch. Then I couldn’t stop myself and watched:

 Jennifer Lin play the piano (‘play’ is a ridiculously inept word for it)

 Michael Moschen juggle  - a long performance, but the second piece he does with the rhythm of the juggling balls and his feet is astounding (although if you’re having a bad ‘rub your tummy/pat your head’ kind of day it might make you explode, so watch out)

Julia Sweeney delivering an excerpt of her solo show called Letting Go of God, which was great

Then there was David Pogue, Mihaly Csikszentmihaly, and a few other performers… I really should go to bed. I just can’t believe that this wealth of information and insight is right here. Between TED and the podcasts from the Moth and This American Life, I’m not sure I’ll ever get any more work done.

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