Great Ideas

Posted by laura on Apr 24 2009 | Fun

Tom and Hot Wheels were riding to school this morning when Hot Wheels had a great idea. “I have a great idea” is what he said. “We could sell our house and buy a Bugatti Veyron!” 

The first letdown of the day is always a bummer. Even if we were to green light that particular plan, we still couldn’t afford the Veyron. At least not this year.

Not to be deterred, Hot Wheels moved right on to the next question – “Then how many Porches could we buy?”

His final plan? “Could we get four Porches and one rusty Ferrari?”

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  1. Henry Gooden

    I think he has a future as the head of a large multinational bank in front of him :)

    27 Apr 2009 at 7:56 pm

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