Cancel the Cavalry

We actually made it to Pillsbury and back with no major events! Wow what a great weekend. The drive was a great adventure – Hot Wheels asked “Are we off-roading yet?” about every 10 minutes the whole way up. When we finally reached the dirt road, it was bliss. Here’s an idea of what it […]

Random Notes

I basically live in a cabaret. Someone is always bursting into random singing or dancing around here, so let’s kick things off with the refrains from two of the songs my kids have sung to me over the last two days. “Where is the guy with the crazy lights?” and “I have an odd way […]

Connect and Share

If you get the Atlantic Monthly, you may have seen the Sketchbook in the May issue – it was a play on a Facebook group thread called “Facebook Group: World Leaders.” We were all laughing over it a few weeks ago at soccer – what a funny idea. I liked: Muammar Qaddafi is excited to […]

A Weekend With Bean

Back in February, our great friends Lino and Claudia had a baby girl. We happened to be down in LA (where they live) at the time this gorgeous baby arrived, and we got to meet her less than 24 hours after she was born. Seriously amazing. We stopped in at the hospital and stayed for […]

Bad Bad Parent Day

I thought I hit a parenting low when I had to take my 5 year old son in to have a cavity filled this morning. Then I forgot to pick up my daughter from school.   Really, I should leave it at that – it would definitely be more entertaining. I’m compelled to give a […]

Comedy of Errors

One day last week, I was riding along on my way to pick the kids up from school on Wednesday, when I saw someone open up their driver side door about a block ahead of me. It’s a pretty busy street so I gave a quick glance over my shoulder and moved my bike out […]

Happy Mothers’ Day

Around here, Mothers’ Day means you get toppings on your ice cream. Here’s hoping you got some too. Hot Wheels went for coconut with jelly beans. Go figure. Honey and I were all about the chocolate soft serve with m&ms. And you know what I’m telling you? It was GOOD.         Later […]

Old School

Last week I was so excited to stumble across some retro school badges in the gift section of a grocery store near us. This is not your average grocery store – it’s more than fancy; it’s fancy-schmancy. Occasionally they have little items in there that are brilliant, and I thought these pins were just that. […]

Weekend Update

>Our weekend kicked off on Friday afternoon when Tom rode his bike home from work and found Hot Wheels sitting in the driveway waiting for him, counting. >Found this on the floor in the art room: >Saturday morning I got to go to ballet. And make ricotta pie. Not simultaneously. >Saturday afternoon we went into […]

And We’re Back

Thank you for standing by – we were experiencing some time management difficulties out here this past week, and although I don’t really like to point fingers, it’s all Harry Potter’s fault. You see, Honey is 8 and a half, and it seemed like she was in a good spot to try the early books, […]