A Weekend With Bean

Posted by laura on May 17 2009 | Fun

Back in February, our great friends Lino and Claudia had a baby girl. We happened to be down in LA (where they live) at the time this gorgeous baby arrived, and we got to meet her less than 24 hours after she was born. Seriously amazing. We stopped in at the hospital and stayed for about 25.2 seconds because she was awfully small and adorable and we didn’t want to breathe on her, and that’s about how long we can go without exhaling. Honey has a thing for wanting to give babies nicknames, and she thought we should call the baby ‘Bean,’ which made sense when you saw how she was curled up in her father’s arms.



This weekend, Bean brought her parents up for a visit, which was quite good of her, and we were all able to fawn over her while breathing, albeit off to one side, since she’s still small and adorable and we really wanted her to have a good time. Man, did she have a good time. What a great baby! She’s just stunning – good natured and so easy to have around. (This is where the apple not falling far from the tree comes in, I guess.)

On Saturday we had a little lunch for some local friends to get together and admire the baby. Can you spot her in the picture? She was so happy in Peter’s arms – just like ours were when they were babies. It was lucky he was there at all – coming up from the city turned out to be quite an ordeal. You’re usually looking at about 20-30 minutes between our house and Amy & Peter’s. On Saturday, it was over an hour and a half with the traffic. That’s more time than Claudia & Lino’s flight the night before. I’m impressed they didn’t just toss up their hands and go home. Another friend made a similar commute by bus, so she gets a gold star.


Here's a little lunch shot, because I love food.




Oh and did I mention it was HOT? This weekend was up in the nineties here so we blew up the pool and put it on the deck next to the table. 

The kids were blissfully happy and cool, and the sound of them laughing will keep me smiling for days. We all had a great visit, and Bean was unbelievably tolerant of the heat, which can’t have been easy for her. 

We had such a beautiful time, it was very sad to see them head home this afternoon. 



Here's a Saturday traffic reenactment for you, staged by Hot Wheels on our deck.

Here's a Saturday traffic reenactment for you, staged by Hot Wheels on our deck.

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  1. Great weekend with Lino, Claudia, and Bean.

    Have to say these are some of the best photos I’ve seen on your blog. Love the table and car shot, they’re both really good.

    18 May 2009 at 8:01 am

  2. laura

    thanks tom! i loved those cars on the deck.

    18 May 2009 at 10:10 am

  3. lino

    What a great weekend to be in Mill Valley. What a fab time we had and Ella was certainly more smiley than I have seen her in a while. She is a seasoned traveler now! How nice it was to have her first trip be to see you guys. The traffic looked exactly as in the reenactment but only through the park, after that it was fine. Thanks again and I can’t to see you all again soon!

    -lino + claudia

    18 May 2009 at 1:03 pm

  4. Peter

    It’s always a good time going to your house. Well worth the hour and a half. Now that I know I can go to LA in the same time I might think twice about it. It was great finally getting to meet Bean and see her parents again. The kids loved your pool so much we had to get ours out the next day. They started asking about it at 7am.


    18 May 2009 at 8:59 pm

  5. Thanks for hosting such a beautiful afternoon! It was fantastic to meet Bean and see her parents. We would have tolerated any traffic for that opportunity! Of course, arriving to your yummy lunch and refreshing pool made it all worthwhile.

    Hot Wheels did really capture the look of the day with his cars. Looks just like Park Presidio!

    19 May 2009 at 8:34 am

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