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Posted by laura on May 20 2009 | Fun

If you get the Atlantic Monthly, you may have seen the Sketchbook in the May issue – it was a play on a Facebook group thread called “Facebook Group: World Leaders.” We were all laughing over it a few weeks ago at soccer – what a funny idea. I liked:

Muammar Qaddafi is excited to nationalize Libyan oil assets.

Hugo Chávez 

Bad idea.

It was such a great concept – world leaders tagging photos, sending each other drinks, commenting on each others’ status. Do they superpoke each other? Or take quizzes? (What character from Grease are you? What were your first 5 cars? Which World Leader are you?) Do they have pieces of flair?? There’s a lot of material there, and we had some fun with it.

At the end of practice, Tom noticed that Hot Wheels actually plays Facebook soccer. Every time he makes a play, he has to stop and talk about it, and every time someone else makes a play, he turns to us and gives us a thumbs-up. He likes this!


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