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Posted by laura on May 22 2009 | Fun

I basically live in a cabaret. Someone is always bursting into random singing or dancing around here, so let’s kick things off with the refrains from two of the songs my kids have sung to me over the last two days.

“Where is the guy with the crazy lights?”


“I have an odd way of putting on my pants.”

Sure to hit the top ten this weekend. 


In other news, Hot Wheels is still heavy into comparisons. We’ve moved beyond the endless Ferrari/Porche debate of 2009 and into deeper, more varied territory. Now it’s “What is better for you? An apricot or a mango?” “Which is faster, a Lexus or an Audi?” “Who is the tallest guy in the world?” “Which is faster, a car with two mufflers or a car with four mufflers?”

His muffler fascination is intense. I like it because he calls them muffelers, with that extra ‘e’ in there, and I love the way it sounds. This afternoon on the way to Home Depot, Tom said, “Hey look at that car – it has four mufflers! It must be really fast.” From the back seat, Hot Wheels said incredulously, “No, it don’t depends on the muffelers, it depends on the engine!” It was a real, “Come on, Dad!” moment. 

Not long after that, he popped out with, “Which one would go faster – a clean Mazda 5 that only goes 20 miles an hour, or an Aero that’s on fire?”



Tom’s parents are on the plane right this minute, on their way out for a visit. Finally the countdowns can conclude. We’re all very excited! The first thing we’re doing is heading up to Lake Pillsbury to visit with some friends. Where is Lake Pillsbury, you ask? Way the heck up there. Let’s put it this way – our friends told us to call them from Ukiah (a couple of hours north of here) because shortly thereafter we’ll lose cell phone coverage. They’re going to watch the clock for the last hour of our trip, so if we don’t turn up they’ll know we got stuck in a rut along the dirt road. Yeehaw!! I so need a cowboy hat for this, and I don’t have one. Ding dang it!

If you don’t hear from us after the weekend, send something after us, would you? Mounties, cowboys, cavalry… whatever you’ve got handy. We sure would appreciate it. 

Have a great long weekend everybody.

Oh, and a special shout out to our friends in Prague! Hope you guys are doing really well – we miss you! Bet Ducky is walking like crazy now – can’t wait for you to get home so we can see and applaud.

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  1. Peter

    Lake Pillsbury looks Awesome! We just got back from the Ukiah area, I think you’ll be safe. Tell Tom’s parents I say hi.


    25 May 2009 at 6:45 pm

  2. joe

    You have to stop making me laugh out loud at work. My co-workers are giving me a wide berth. That bit about the Mazda 5 vs the Aero was so funny. I love that it has to be clean but it can only go 20.

    26 May 2009 at 10:41 am

  3. laura

    Hey Peter – I didn’t realize you guys were up there too! I knew there was a camping trip afoot, but didn’t know we’d be traveling the same way. Did you like the traffic? We sure did. Hope your weekend was as good as ours!

    And Joe – sorry about that. I’m glad you liked the most recent theoretical question though. He likes to throw the clean/dirty car into the equation, just to make it a bit more complex. We all know a dirty car has more drag…

    27 May 2009 at 9:52 am

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