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Posted by laura on May 30 2009 | Awesome, Fun, Holiday


We actually made it to Pillsbury and back with no major events! Wow what a great weekend. The drive was a great adventure – Hot Wheels asked “Are we off-roading yet?” about every 10 minutes the whole way up. When we finally reached the dirt road, it was bliss. Here’s an idea of what it was like:


I really wanted to set up a Polly Pocket beach scene on that back bumper. 


This is the little slice of heaven we enjoyed over the weekend. In addition to the Lake itself, there was a nearby pond fed by fresh stream water, so the water was clear and a beautiful temperature for swimming. You’ll be happy to hear that all the perfect pond requirements were met:

- small enough to swim across

- square dock in the middle for sunning and ownership battles

- large tree with rope for Tarzan pond entry (our friend Dave even has a flip dismount!)

- one leaky rowboat with no paddles


The friends we visited have a daughter who is also in Honey’s class at school, and the girls gave a charming guided boat tour of the pond – that is, until the pirates stole their boat while they rested on the dock. Bummer. The whole weekend consisted of walks, swims, puzzles, games, snacks, and long lazy conversations. It was, as you can imagine, thoroughly exhausting. Ok it was amazing.


I even learned my first real card trick, taught to me by our friends’ older daughter, who was too kind to keep the secret. So prepare yourselves, I’m carrying the cards in my pocket for the next year and a half, and I’m bound to ask all of you at least ten times if I’ve shown it to you. Sorry about that.


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  1. Beautiful photos Laura, especially the ladder and dock ones. That weekend sounds amazing. Did the mounties find you? I sent mounties.

    02 Jun 2009 at 3:48 pm

  2. laura

    thanks el! that was good of you. they were wicked cute, btw.
    and the ladder/dock photos were tom’s. pretty sweet, eh? what is it about steps descending into water? they look so cool. and the light was gorgeous too.

    03 Jun 2009 at 10:20 pm

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