Too Late

Posted by laura on Jun 19 2009 | Fun

Nearly every day, Hot Wheels runs the numbers.

“How much money do we have? If we sell our house AND our Mazda 5, can we buy a Ferrari?”

He questions. He plots. He ruminates. Nearly every day.

So yesterday we’re strolling the neighborhood together and we pass a red convertible. “That’s a nice Miata,” he says, and he’s thrilled that standing on the curb next to it, he’s almost taller than it is. A man walking down the opposite sidewalk gives me a smile and calls over, “Watch out – pretty soon he’ll be wanting a Ferrari.”

It was just like the moment last week when we were standing in the Apple store and a guy said to me, “Pretty soon he’ll be dragging you in here.”

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  1. Joe

    Maybe the guy just though Hot Wheels hadn’t gotten around to thinking Ferrari TODAY yet….he wasn’t necessarily implying that that HW had not yet ever wanted a Ferrari.

    And I thought it was Tom who drags you into the Apple store?

    23 Jun 2009 at 11:07 am

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