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We’ve had a busy couple of weeks here. The cousins are all having a great time together and we’ve just run from day to day, trying to cram a year and a half apart into a few weeks’ visiting time. Not easy, folks, but we’re doing the best we can.

We spent an overnight at the hostel up at Point Reyes, which is right up the road from Limantour beach, where Tom and I got engaged. We scored a perfect weekend there, which is a feat considering how unpredictable the coast can be here in the summertime. I don’t have good photos of the hostel, but here’s one shot of the bunkhouse that our party shared:


We had this building to ourselves at night – it had two big rooms that each slept ten people in bunk beds, and one common room filled with couches. The main hostel building had the typical huge shared kitchen with 543 rules but 1 very lovely hostel worker who explained them all to us quite nicely. There are some really nice shots of the place up on their website, and I’d highly recommend a stay there. We spent one beautiful afternoon on the beach, then went up to the hostel for a big dinner together, and then back to the beach at 9:30 for a bonfire and stars and smores. Gorgeous.

The next morning we found out that the local raccoons had a blowout party on our cars during the night. They didn’t get any snacks, but it looked like they’d had a terrific time just prowling around on the roofs and sliding down the windshields. I don’t have good photos of the evidence, but maybe you can see the prints in this shot (if you can look past the sun spots and tree reflections and even my hand & camera, that is):


That morning we took a two mile hike down to the beach – a beautiful, relaxing walk on another sunny day. A seal swam in to check out the kids playing in the surf, and we managed in an overnight to feel like we’d been away for a week. Tom loved this sign in the parking area at the beach:


Nice shot, Tom!

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  1. Peter

    The photos of the inside of the cabin looked nothing like what was in my head. I was thinking a more like little house on the prairie. The inside looks really relaxing, nice find.

    19 Aug 2009 at 7:50 pm

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