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A weekend ago, on Saturday morning, Honey decided to make some scrambled eggs.


She started out with just your basic eggs and milk and some grated cheese. Then she decided it needed some tomato, and as I passed through the kitchen on the way to my room I saw her dart to the fridge, saying, “I know what this needs! Some spinach!” A little salt and pepper later and she had a fine breakfast. It was a little soupy, but boy did it taste great.

After that we headed into the city to meet up with our friends Amy and Scott and their two children, who were in town for the weekend from LA. We met up at the Warming Hut at Chrissy Fields, which is one of the best spots in the entire city, as far as I’m concerned. Nestled right at the southern base of the Golden Gate Bridge, the Warming Hut is a café and store that supports the Golden Gate National Parks (Chrissy Field being one of those parks). It’s the perfect spot for a cup of cocoa and a sandwich while you take in a spectacular view of the bridge, the city and the bay.

There’s a pier where you can fish and catch crabs, and the kids always love walking out to see if anyone’s had any luck. That Saturday, This dude was checking everybody out -


I’m telling you this guy was like the pier mafia. He was half as big as Hot Wheels, and if you looked at him too long he’d come strutting over, all “Are you lookin at me? You got somethin you gotta say? I didn’t think so.”


See what I mean? Don’t let the perspective fool you – he only looks smaller because he’s farther away. Back away slowly, Hot Wheels, do not make eye contact.

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