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Posted by laura on Feb 15 2010 | Awesome, Holiday

Love is

Valentines on the fridge, and talking to Nana in the driveway

Tulips from friends

Treats from neighbors

New lavendar

A sunny day bike ride to the beach with best friends.

Honey’s best friend gave her a valentine poem yesterday afternoon. The last line of the poem is:

“We have power, that power is love.”

What a score in the best friend department. We all rode together to Sausalito to the best little cafe you can imagine. We bought root beers and sat outside for a bit. As we crossed the street to the cafe, our friend Amy asked Hot Wheels if he’d be her valentine. He paused and answered, “Wellll, I’m not sure if I can live with you…” She had to explain that living together wasn’t necessarily in the valentine contract.

Then we hit this tiny scrap of beach where the kayakers go out into the bay. There was a sea lion lolling around in the shallow water checking out all the boats and even one crazy swimmer. What a day.

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Mark is the Best

Posted by laura on Feb 10 2010 | Awesome

Did I mention that Mark is the best?

Cause he is.

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Back At Last

Posted by laura on Feb 09 2010 | Awesome

Ok so I didn’t completely ditch the New Year’s resolution in the first month. We were having some technical difficulties out here, and I’m up and running thanks to the efforts of our Australian technical team and miracle Mark in our office here in the states. Thanks for your help, guys!

A lot can happen over a few weeks, but definitely the biggest news out here is that our friend Russell earned his second Academy Award nomination, for his work on Star Trek. We’re all bursting with pride, as well as curiosity as to what Courtney is going to wear to the Oscars. It’s SO EXCITING and I’ll have to get back to you on that. Can you imagine having to figure out what to wear to the Oscars? I can’t.

We do still have this lovely outfit that you’re welcome to borrow if you’d like, Courtney:

It’s a little hard to see, but it comes complete with a little white bird for your headband. Smashing.

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