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Posted by laura on May 03 2010 | Uncategorized

It’s been a tilt-a-whirl spring – crazy rain and wind one day, followed by glorious sunshine the next. We’ve skidded into some gorgeous summery days, though, and are making the most of it. Like early weekend-morning dashes to the beach before it gets crowded:

And appreciating the stunning new growth in all the yards:

The other week I had a plan for a crazy hike with my friends to pack in some serious exercise, but when we met up it turned out that one of our hikers had tweaked her knee and couldn’t go. This is what happens when my friend Nuran is faced with such a tragedy: she says, “Alright. You come back to my house for lunch.” And that’s it – the voice of authority. Never ever question it, because here’s what you get:

I dream of being able to just toss something like this together without any advance notice. (Frankly, I dream of having my house be clean enough to just bring everybody home without advance notice. One step at a time, kids.) This soup was the most incredible red lentil concoction with a mint something or other drizzled on the top. It was so good I didn’t even know what it was. Nuran’s like that, though – she can dive into an empty refrigerator and come out with a gourmet meal. I’m sticking to her like white on rice, hoping to absorb a bit of her magic. Check it out – she even has fairies in her backyard tree:

For those of you who happened to follow along a bit with the story of Nuran’s daughter’s fight with leukemia, the great update is that she’s really doing well. Transplant successful, back at school, stunningly beautiful as always and lovely. Keep the good thoughts going, because she’s really amazing.

Now I’m jamming to get myself packed up and organized for a quick trip to Boston. Just me this time, so I’d better go make sure I have all the arrangements lined up for the next few days!

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