Poor Socceroos!

Posted by laura on Jun 13 2010 | Fun

What a game – Germany was on fire! My heart goes out to the Aussies, of course, but the German players sure were fun to watch. They often really looked like they were enjoying themselves and working beautifully together for a team that has had a bit of a tough road to the World Cup.

One thing on the Australian side – the red card for Cahill sure seemed excessive to our crowd. Did anyone out there think he really deserved that? I wonder if he’d just built up enough annoyance with the ref with his aggressive play up till then, and the ref just snapped. I still don’t think it was called for, though.

The weekend here was gorgeous. Sunny – actually HOT, if you can believe it. The kids are slowly getting better, although we’re suspecting that the antibiotics did a number on Hot Wheels’ stomach. He had a rough couple of days with that. And then poor Honey had been having some pain from this crazy spring in her braces, and tonight as she went to bed it went katwang and sent wires into her gums. She was bleeding and sobbing and we had to put in an emergency call to ┬áher orthodontist. He’s such a cool guy he said, “I’ll meet you at the office in 15 minutes,” and zipped over to fix her up. Thus marking the second time a dentist has opened up a closed office to see her. Pretty soon she’s going to be all “office hours? Mm yeah, see, they don’t apply to me…” Thankfully the doc patched her up in a flash and she’s sleeping fairly peacefully now. Sheesh I think our kids are going for some Guinness World Book insane illness record I don’t know about.

This weekend marked the 100th running of the Dipsea Race here in our town. It started in 1905 (don’t panic about my math skills – they had to suspend it a few times for stupid things like wars and depressions and stuff) and the course runs about 7 and a half miles from downtown Mill Valley, up and over Mount Tam to the beach. The Dipsea is cool, not only because it’s the oldest trail race in America, but because it has a great handicapped start setup that allows all kinds of people to win it. This year an 8 year old girl won, which really isn’t very nice seeing as just walking the initial steps section leaves me feeling like I’m about to have a heart attack. Then there are our friends who don’t even bother with the Dipsea anymore – it’s too crowded at 1500 runners. These maniacs wait a couple of weeks for the slightly less popular Double Dipsea, which is there and back. And we won’t even discuss the Quad. Please.

After taking in the festivities downtown, we watched the world cup action, and then headed over to a fun outdoor festival where our friend Andy was playing in not one but two bands. We missed the first, but had a great time listening to the second. Friends, sunshine, music, fun? Check check check check.

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