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Explain Your Reasoning

Posted by laura on Oct 14 2010 | School, Uncategorized

Honey is working on her math homework in the next room. One of the problems asks for an explanation of her answer.

“Do you spell because b-e-c-a-u-s-e?”


“How do you spell decimal? Oh wait. Never mind.”

[long pause]

“How do you spell ta-da?”

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Colorful Birthday

Posted by laura on Oct 12 2010 | Fun, Tasty

Honey’s birthday landed on a Friday this year, so it coincided with soccer practice. Since our Friday practices are a bit of a party every week, we decided to bring some cupcakes. And Tom rode up with a bunch of balloons, which made it super special. We went with a multicolored approach…

I finally bought one of those cupcake carrying thingamabobs after resisting for some time. It always seemed like a lot of plastic, and it’s not like we have cupboards just longing for items to fill them. However, after many a dicey bike ride with cupcakes packed into tins, I decided to take the plunge.

They worked out great! After practice, we rode home with one of Honey’s friends on the back of my bike. I gave her my camera and asked her to take a bunch of photos along the way. Here are a few of her shots:

It was a perfect 10.

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She’s Ten

Posted by laura on Oct 08 2010 | Awesome

How is it possible? Honey is double digits today.

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