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Things Are Looking Up for Honey, Too

Posted by laura on May 21 2010 | Awesome, Fun

Honey was talking with her best friend in the back seat of our car the other day when an event of such uncommon rarity occurred that Honey is now confirmed as one of the most fortunate people in the world. Are you ready for it? Brace yourselves.

I can’t even remember what they were talking about back there – all I remember is Honey’s friend asking her a question, and Honey saying, “Ok. Here’s what happened. Wait – do you want the long version or the short version?”

And her best friend replied, without a millisecond’s hesitation – “The long version.”

Like astronomers catching the Fab Five, or ornithologists sighting a white robin, or A’s fans watching Braden pitch a perfect game on Mother’s Day, Tom and I were completely amazed that we were there to observe the event. Incredible.

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Posted by laura on Apr 11 2010 | Awesome, Holiday, Tasty

We canceled our annual egg and beer hunt this Easter, due to rain and Tom’s impending 40th birthday party in a couple of months. (There are going to be two bouncy castles, people – we need to stay focused.) It ended up being a lovely, quiet, rainy day and we had a lovely brunch with our neighbors. We actually hit the jackpot there, because Joan and Hank had us over at the beginning of the week to celebrate their Passover Seder with them, and then at the end of the week to celebrate Easter. Perfect bookend events.

I’ve never shown you this unbelievable bowl that Joan gave me (ok, us) for Christmas. It’s simple and delicate and perfect. Filled with Cadbury eggs, this one goes to eleven.

This photo actually cracks me up, because the eggs are these gorgeous pale blue eggs from Finn and Susie’s chickens, and the nest was abandoned in our back yard – I like them together, even though the nest is woefully small for the eggs. What would happen if they were real? It would be like swaddling a baby in a washcloth. I still love looking at them together though.

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The Good Life

Posted by laura on Mar 19 2010 | Awesome, Tasty

Last Sunday, Honey and one of our friends from across the street took their cooking interest up a notch. They took it to a… whole… ‘notha… level and made dinner for our families All By Themselves. We have discovered a new land out here, and it is good.

Tom was hanging out in the kitchen with them in case they needed help, but he had very little to do. Joan and I were in the art room catching up and being neighborly – Joan hand stitched dress cuffs for me while I put together an apron for the Sutter’s Fort adventure. That’s old-school neighborly, for sure. Too bad we don’t share a fence.

The girls cooked up pasta

and an incredible salad, while Hot Wheels dashed back and forth taking orders for his ’special drink’ – a lemon-lime concoction with so much sugar it’d make your teeth curl. (Suggesting that he rethink the sugar levels, though, brings you the same arch look I imagine you’d receive from the sommelier were you to suggest an ice cube in your wine.)

All the while, our other younger neighbor friend was working across the street with her father to make a lemon meringue pie. Now that’s ambitious. As Joan was walking out the door to come over to our house, she heard the following exchange between her husband and her daughter:

Husband: Now what does it say?

Daughter: Stir over low heat until translucent.

H: Ok – it’s translucent. What’s next?

D: Add the egg yolks.

H: What egg yolks??

Joan: [closes the door quietly behind her]

What a cliffhanger! Don’t worry, the green archer doesn’t actually get crushed by the… oh wait, wrong cliffhanger. The pie was delicious. As was the dinner itself – bruschetta, mixed green salad and pesto pasta. Now we’re getting somewhere.

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So Proud

Posted by laura on Mar 08 2010 | Awesome, Fun, Tasty

As predicted, our friend Russell didn’t end up making an acceptance speech at the Oscars last night, but we are all still psyched for him. Our friends Susie and Finn came over with their gorgeous baby girl, winner for best performance in a leading role for her work in “Birth – The Next Generation.” Our friend Mark joined us as well – he brought a container of cookies he called “Starship Gingerprises” that were unbelievably tasty. Honey made Russell-inspired sandwiches with roasted turkey, gruyere and cranberry sauce that were fantastic, and we tried a new Cooking Light recipe for apple/raisin compote on toasts with brie. It was delicious, but we bought light brie accidentally (heavens!) and it just doesn’t melt properly. It was still tasty and easy to make, so a win in my book.

It was a great night, although we only got one quick glimpse of our friends during the broadcast. If you go to the Oscars website, you can see them at the very beginning of the Visual Effects acceptance speech clip.

The place to go, though is to the Access Hollywood site, and check out the clip of Sandra Bullock talking about how much she loves Gabourey Sidibe. Keep watching, because as the interview goes on there are some awesome moments of Courtney and Russell in the background. I’m sorry Sandra, you were gorgeous and funny too, but there’s this moment when Courtney turns around and you see the cool layered detail of her dress in the back… it’s fabulous. And what a beautiful woman!! It’s not every couple who can just step into a situation like the Oscars red carpet and look so thoroughly at home.

There’s another photo of them on the Huffington Post site, which I love because they’re smiling at each other. That prankster Sandra hopped into the photo in front of them again in this one – she’s such a card.

Well done guys!! We’re all so happy for you.

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Posted by laura on Feb 15 2010 | Awesome, Holiday

Love is

Valentines on the fridge, and talking to Nana in the driveway

Tulips from friends

Treats from neighbors

New lavendar

A sunny day bike ride to the beach with best friends.

Honey’s best friend gave her a valentine poem yesterday afternoon. The last line of the poem is:

“We have power, that power is love.”

What a score in the best friend department. We all rode together to Sausalito to the best little cafe you can imagine. We bought root beers and sat outside for a bit. As we crossed the street to the cafe, our friend Amy asked Hot Wheels if he’d be her valentine. He paused and answered, “Wellll, I’m not sure if I can live with you…” She had to explain that living together wasn’t necessarily in the valentine contract.

Then we hit this tiny scrap of beach where the kayakers go out into the bay. There was a sea lion lolling around in the shallow water checking out all the boats and even one crazy swimmer. What a day.

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Mark is the Best

Posted by laura on Feb 10 2010 | Awesome

Did I mention that Mark is the best?

Cause he is.

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Back At Last

Posted by laura on Feb 09 2010 | Awesome

Ok so I didn’t completely ditch the New Year’s resolution in the first month. We were having some technical difficulties out here, and I’m up and running thanks to the efforts of our Australian technical team and miracle Mark in our office here in the states. Thanks for your help, guys!

A lot can happen over a few weeks, but definitely the biggest news out here is that our friend Russell earned his second Academy Award nomination, for his work on Star Trek. We’re all bursting with pride, as well as curiosity as to what Courtney is going to wear to the Oscars. It’s SO EXCITING and I’ll have to get back to you on that. Can you imagine having to figure out what to wear to the Oscars? I can’t.

We do still have this lovely outfit that you’re welcome to borrow if you’d like, Courtney:

It’s a little hard to see, but it comes complete with a little white bird for your headband. Smashing.

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Posted by laura on Jan 09 2010 | Awesome, Fun


Our Beautiful Aunt Mary and Uncle Dick gave Hot Wheels a new HESS race car for Christmas. It’s actually better than a race car, if that’s even possible. It’s a race car with a smaller race car inside it. A nested race car. He has been spending many a happy hour since, getting the race cars acquainted with the truck that he received last year. It’s going so well, they’re already on to stunts. They’ve perfected a moving transfer of the smaller race car from truck to big race car. It rocks.

Thank you, Dick and Mary!!!!


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Another Bike Post

Posted by laura on Dec 11 2009 | Awesome, Bicycle, Fun, School

Here are three fun biking events from the past two weeks:

1. Family Ride to Tiburon

Over Thanksgiving weekend, we finally took a great ride that we’d been planning forever with our friends Rik and Sherri and their two awesome kids. We went from Mill Valley to Tiburon on a clear and windy Saturday afternoon. The ride was amazing; only one challenging hill and mostly beautiful bike path, tons of people out enjoying the day, stunning views of the bay and the city to the south. Everything went smoothly and the kids all had a fantastic time. We stopped at Waypoint pizza and got the back room all to ourselves – the food was made even more tasty by our ride beforehand. After we ate, we admired the view for a bit before heading back home.


Tom has this great app called Runkeeper on his iPhone which tracks all the stats on your adventures – distance, time, pace and even elevation – using the phone’s gps. Here’s the screen for our return ride from Tiburon:


How awesome is that?! The kids loved checking out the route and looking at the elevation chart – speed certainly is variable when your riders range from six to, well, you know, more than six. I love the information design on these screens – they’re easy to read and beautiful to look at. So satisfying. All in all, it was an incredible day.

2. Walk and Wheel Wednesdays

As I’ve mentioned here before, I put in a small amount of time for the Safe Routes to School committee at our kids’ elementary school. One of the ways we’re trying to build participation in the program is to encourage a weekly walk/wheel/carpool to school day. We try to drum up enthusiasm for the whole idea by putting up posters and a table at the school entrance on the first Wednesday of each month. Whole Foods was good enough to give us some bags of granola to hand out to the students, and we’ve been stamping hands to show they participated. However, we’ve been struggling to come up with other ways to get the message out without printing up hundreds of flyers that will just be tossed when the kids go home after school.

Last week, I started thinking about edible advertising. So I bought a couple bags of cuties and some food markers and put the message right on the clementines.


They had faces on one side, and “Walk & Wheel Wednesdays” on the other. It was fun watching the kids trying to decide which face to choose, and I think they worked pretty well. Anyone out there have other ideas? I’d love to hear them.


3. Xtra Clean

I’ve carried lots of fun things with my xtracycle.


I love having a bike that can carry my vacuum cleaner.

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Get Well Gerbers

Posted by laura on Oct 17 2009 | Awesome, Not So Fun


If you weren’t feeling so great, wouldn’t these beauties brighten your day? I think yes.

Honey had her second oral surgery of the year on Wednesday morning, and I’ll make this brief, since I’m not spending too much time away from her just yet. She’s recuperating in our art/guest room, which is actually an awesome sick room. It has a nice big bed, great light, a stack of movies, a private bathroom and plenty of coloring books. (So the next time you have a procedure scheduled, pick a Bay Area doctor and book your stay with us. You’ll be so looked after you’ll wish you were sick more often.)

The surgery went pretty well, I think, although that morning I heard some pretty classic “lines you don’t want to hear from your surgeon.” For example, when your surgeon (your ridiculously kind, hugely respected surgeon) enters the room and says quietly, “I’ve been dreaming about this one,” that’s what you call both a good and bad sign. Or when the surgery finally ends after 2 and quarter hours and the doctor says, “In all my years as a surgeon, that’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done,” that’s a moment when you think, “darn.” Or how about when the surgeon recalls looking over the x-rays with the orthodontist and saying, “It can’t be done?” Really, not what you want to hear.

On the other hand, I heard some great lines from the surgeon and the staff that day as well. They had lovely things to say about our girl, and they couldn’t have been more caring. It was a bear of a day, and the week has been challenging. Yet again, I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for all the friends and family who have called, brought flowers and even balloons (thanks, Ducky!!), sent coloring books, loaned us movies and helped with Hot Wheels. We have been showered with kindness, and are profoundly grateful. Honey even got a get-well card from the school secretary, which for an elementary school student is like receiving a get-well card from God. Thank you so much, everybody.


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