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Thursday’s Word to the Wise

Posted by laura on Mar 12 2009 | Not So Fun, Uncategorized

Tuesday morning, when household sickness indicated that I wouldn’t be getting out for ballet or bike riding, I had a crazy thought. It went something like this, “I know! I’ll get up early and do one of the workout videos on Netflix.” Looks like I’m an ideas woman. An ideas woman who can get on-demand videos on Netflix these days, even with her teeny membership. Hooray for Netflix! Never mind that I’ve never done one of their exercise videos before – this was a new beginning.

So Tuesday morning I popped out of bed and whistled my way through one of those yoga+abs routines. It was so easy! I never had a moment when I wondered if I could keep going, which was a great feeling, I tell you. As an added plus, I felt super all day long, thanks to my powerful start.

Then yesterday, as I sliced oranges for the kids’ snack, I heard quiet sobbing, and it was my triceps. There were a few muscles in my back that were exceedingly put out as well. They were muttering all day about having a perfectly nice nap and rude awakenings. Of all the nerve. (Exactly! is what you’re thinking.) 

It looks like Thursday’s Word to the Wise is: approach with caution all extra-curricular activities involving the word ‘crunch.’ [Unless preceded by the word 'Nestlé.' That's ok.]

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Posted by laura on Mar 11 2009 | Not So Fun, Tasty

It’s been a sick start to the week, and not in a cool, insane kind of way – more like the sad, droopy, bags-under-their eyes way. Actually Hot Wheels is feeling good again so he’s back at PreK this morning, but Honey’s still looking a little grey. I should probably dust off my gown for the Bad Parenting Awards, because we’re bound to get a nomination for Monday morning. Honey had not felt well on Saturday, but on Sunday she seemed like she was making some serious progress; she took a bike ride and played with a friend in the afternoon. She wasn’t feeling great Sunday evening, and in the morning she was a bit draggy, but it was Monday morning, after all, and she seemed to be holding her own. She literally had one foot out the door when I said, “Wait – let’s just check your temperature to see if something’s going on here,” and it was 101.8. Hm. Step away from the backpack, girl; you’re staying home.



We kept Hot Wheels home too, since it seemed like he was bound to have whatever she had, and sure enough by afternoon he was running a temperature as well. At least I assume he was, by the steam rising from his forehead. He can never hold a thermometer under his tongue, due to the combination of a well-honed gag reflex and a permanently blocked nose. I really have to get one of those ear thermometers.

The good news is my mother gene eventually showed up for work that day, so on top of running drinks and soul food for the patients, I was able to get the invoicing done for work, throw in a couple loads of laundry, clean up a bit, bake the bread and make these lemon poppyseed muffins. We have a wealth of fruit right now from our lemon tree shrub and Joan’s tree across the street, so I’ve been looking for good recipes. I got this one from Allrecipes, and they turned out well – I ended up using some whole wheat flour, vanilla yogurt and cutting the amount of poppy seeds to less that 1/8cup, due to personal preferences and what I had in the house. This recipe was great, though, because it actually called for lemon juice and not just zest.

potpieLast night I made pot pie since, well, it’s pot pie. No need for excuses. Hot Wheels was so happy he was singing to it. I had onion, butternut, carrot, sweet potato and zucchini in there and they all got along quite well. With just a top crust, it’s easy to plunk down on top of some chicken or a veggie meat thing if you like. Great for tailoring meals for different diets. 

Now I’ve got to go be Nurse Nancy. Remember to drink plenty of fluids, everyone!

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