Someone is Six

That’s right – there he is, with his ‘worker pajamas’ and birthday toast. He’s six. Crazy. (Let me add that I’m fully aware that toast looks pretty dodgy. It’s vegemite. He loves it – what can I say?) Never have I seen anyone relish a birthday like Hot Wheels. First there were the weeks of […]


Today’s post is just a small collection of random notes and observations from around our house the past few weeks. Bits and bobs. Let’s start with this guy: Fall in Northern California means it’s humungo spider time. Spiders all over the place in sizes perhaps not rainforest-worthy, but nonetheless substantial. Spiders that turn the garden […]

Something Wicked

Sorry to leave you all hanging there with the Halloween business. What happened with the fish? Was it finished? (Ouch. That was for you, Kevin.) Well yes. We made it. Of course I don’t have very good photos, but here they are: I messed up the proportions a bit in the back and made it a […]