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Before and After

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We just love before and after shots here in the US, and the other night John Stewart and his team found some pretty good ones. 

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I Would Like You To Dance

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So last weekend I was leveled by a back-to-school virus. The nerve of it! On a long weekend! On my birthday

But lookee here – I didn’t just get a whopper of a cold for my birthday. I got flowers from my friend Alison. Gorgeous flowers that came in the mail. They’re stunning.

I also received the most spectacular assortment of gifts and cards and phone serenades (yes that’s plural) that could ever be imagined. It was awesome. I got new pajamas, people, and any mother can tell you that’s a really, really good thing. Because if they give you pajamas, it’s just rude not to use them, don’t you think? So I feel compelled to demonstrate exactly how much I love those pajamas by sleeping in them for long stretches of time.

This is my birthday toast. Heh heh.

It’s actually a tradition from Tom’s family and it usually ends up with everyone having a piece of birthday toast, since breakfast is better with a candle on it.

Thank you to all my incredible family and friends for a terrific, uplifting day. I think I’ll have to leave you with these poignant words from the card that my aunt Anne and uncle George sent me…

The older you get

The better you get

Unless you are a banana.


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