Happy Halloween!

It’s a rainy Halloween here so far – very gusty and moody, though, so it feels appropriate. Hopefully we won’t be soggy trick-or-treaters tonight! Last night we had a fun Halloween-eve dinner with some great friends. It was a perfect night for lighting candles and roasting potatoes. So fun. For dessert, we made cupcakes:   […]


Even though the snowflake fairy outfit isn’t completely finished, the guys had fun playing around in their costumes yesterday afternoon. They wanted to surprise Tom when he rode home from work. I think Honey looks like she’s off to a masquerade – she loves clipping a little white bird to her headband. It was a […]


Last month at the Alameda flea market I came up with a couple of finds. One of them was an old grocery store sign that I put up on our daughter’s bedroom door.   Now everybody knows which room is hers. Just in case you couldn’t tell from the bright pink bathrobe and curtains. Honey […]

Soccer and squash

More soccer games this weekend. The Silver Bandits are in the tournament, so they had to play two games on Saturday. My daughter was appalled. Two games in one day? What, were they trying to kill them?! Both games were close, and the teams well matched. They won the first and then tied the next […]


Let’s just say, hypothetically, that it’s the morning of your son’s snack day at school. You’re making banana chocolate chip muffins, which may be one of the greatest snack day switcheroos in history as they contain ground flax and whole wheat flour, no eggs or butter, and only about 1 tbsp of finely chopped up […]

One of Those People

There’s this couple here in town that we see out walking quite frequently. We probably pass lots of the same folks when we’re out and about, but these two are distinct. HE: favors grey nylon running shorts every single day of the year. SHE: opts for the layered, flowy skirt look with hiking boots. THEY: […]

7.27 am

They have built a fort on one of their beds. They’re giggling hysterically and carrying on.  I say, “I’m sorry guys, but it’s time to get dressed,” and I really mean it – it is time, but mainly I’m sorry to break up the hilarity. “It’s ok! Daddy said two more minutes.” “When did he […]

Hunter’s Moon

  Yesterday we got a call from our good friend Amy asking if we’d like to join them for a dinner picnic in the Marin Headlands to watch the full moon rise. (Sunset and moonrise were only 15 minutes apart last night, making it a particularly good night for viewing.) So we jumped at the […]

What a Weekend

It was one of those weekends that just reaffirms my love for fall. Bright and crisp and filled with fun. My daughter had Friday off so we ran errands that needed running and we planned for a dinner party that night. It was a luxurious day together. Adding to the fun, we have a guest […]