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Birthdays and Bikes

Posted by laura on Oct 08 2008 | Bicycle, Fun, Holiday, Sewing


Someone in my house is now eight.


It might be a good moment to note that the day after this certain person was born, she received a letter from my dear brother, in which he promised that when she was eight, she could indeed have a pony. Thanks for that, Joe! 

Her birthday morning was wonderful and filled with amazing treats from all around the globe. Such a lucky girl. Josephina was a lucky girl today too – look what she got!


Oh yeah. Hampton in the house. Mum found this while we were all on vacation this summer, and I’d completely forgotten about it. It was a HUGE hit.

I made Josephina a little dress out of some scraps from the fabric bin. (Fabric going out instead of in! It’s a miracle!)



Here’s a look at the hem, which took me too long because I didn’t gather the ribbon at all and the hem flipped up so I had to tack it down all the way around on the inside. 


Today is also International Walk To School Day, which is a little more like walkbikescooterandskateboard day when you get right down to it. Whatever you call it, it’s great. We loved seeing all the riders on the bike path this morning.








What a morning!

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Biking to Soccer

Posted by laura on Oct 06 2008 | Bicycle, Fun

We rode with one of our daughter’s friends to soccer practice last Friday, and it was such a pretty afternoon.


At their practice field, there’s a beautiful arrangement of trees off to one side – the ideal spot to park the bikes and spread the blanket.


It’s yet another moment when I’m happy to have my xtracycle – it carries all the backpacks, the soccer snacks for the kids, the soccer snacks for the grownups (the end of the day on Friday should always be celebrated) and the soccer bag. I love you, xtracycle.

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Yet Another Paper Posy

Posted by laura on Oct 02 2008 | Uncategorized

I bet you’ll never guess I took these photos after 11pm. Real professional style – one hand holds the camera, the other holds the flowers. (Deep breaths, Peter, just take deep breaths…) I was a little sleepy.



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