What A Day!

Posted by laura on Jan 20 2009 | Awesome

I still can’t believe it happened. What a moment – what a day.

When Hot Wheels and I rolled up to ballet class this morning, we ditched our bikes outside the studio and saw a crowd gathered in the reception area. We walked in on a whole group of people hovering over the inaugural action on the reception desk computer. Aretha Franklin was singing (in that hat!) and a few people were dabbing their eyes. Everyone eventually dragged themselves into the studio – Joan was hoping to stream video during class but ended up unable to get a connection. Just as well – we would have had some crooked plies this morning as we strained to see the screen.

Usually days that feel like this one come after tragedies – the Kennedy assassination or 9-11, with people gathered around broadcasts, quiet. What a profound relief to have the focus be one of attention, history, excitement. Tonight I felt like our leftover dinner was just not up to the occasion, but at least we had champagne!

By the way, did anyone see the piece on how, in just six hours during the inaugural ceremonies, the staff at the White House and about a hundred workers move out the departing family and move in the new one? It’s insane. They completely strip and paint the oval office, move in all the furniture and clothes and toys of the incoming family and their goal is to have no moving boxes visible when the ceremonies are over. We moved into our house over 11 years ago, and I’m pretty sure there are some boxes we haven’t quite dealt with and painting we fully intended to do and pictures we were sure we’d hang straight away. Six hours? It’s just nuts. I guess the hundred workers would be helpful, though.

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  1. i was also amazed by the transition logistics for the white house (maybe it is the mother in me). i was excited to read an article about it this morning on the national geographic website. very insightful!!


    21 Jan 2009 at 10:32 am

  2. laura

    Ooh thank you Amy – that was a great article! I’ve been greedy for any of the behind-the-scenes material, so this was a treat today.

    21 Jan 2009 at 7:22 pm

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