Thursday’s Word to the Wise

Posted by laura on Mar 12 2009 | Not So Fun, Uncategorized

Tuesday morning, when household sickness indicated that I wouldn’t be getting out for ballet or bike riding, I had a crazy thought. It went something like this, “I know! I’ll get up early and do one of the workout videos on Netflix.” Looks like I’m an ideas woman. An ideas woman who can get on-demand videos on Netflix these days, even with her teeny membership. Hooray for Netflix! Never mind that I’ve never done one of their exercise videos before – this was a new beginning.

So Tuesday morning I popped out of bed and whistled my way through one of those yoga+abs routines. It was so easy! I never had a moment when I wondered if I could keep going, which was a great feeling, I tell you. As an added plus, I felt super all day long, thanks to my powerful start.

Then yesterday, as I sliced oranges for the kids’ snack, I heard quiet sobbing, and it was my triceps. There were a few muscles in my back that were exceedingly put out as well. They were muttering all day about having a perfectly nice nap and rude awakenings. Of all the nerve. (Exactly! is what you’re thinking.) 

It looks like Thursday’s Word to the Wise is: approach with caution all extra-curricular activities involving the word ‘crunch.’ [Unless preceded by the word 'Nestlé.' That's ok.]

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