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This was a weekend of anniversaries. Yesterday was Carmen’s Anniversary of Profession! Yay, Carmen!! A year ago on that wonderful day, Carmen and I were here:


Yep – Machu Picchu. Not a shabby way to celebrate, eh? Want to see it again?


machupicchu2These photos aren’t very fancy, but I like looking at the scale – people, structures, mountains. It’s impossible to truly capture on film, particularly with my little camera, but if you squint and use your imagination, it might make you say wow. (And no, these weren’t the only photos I took on that trip – I did post about them last year. But chances are you’ve already seen them and are All Set in that department.)

So that was a pretty nice way to celebrate her anniversary. This year we decided to go to Mount Everest. BOY was that chilly! Ok, just kidding we didn’t actually do that at all. We were together in spirit, though!

What I actually did on the 18th this year was go to gorgeous Limantour beach with our great friends Amy and Andy. It was a unseasonably warm weekend here, and we packed a picnic and stayed all day. Limantour is a superb beach because it’s a little ways north and off the beaten path – not hidden but not swarmed on a warm Saturday. It’s also where Tom and I got engaged 22 12 years ago. Woohoo! 

As we approached the coast, we could see it was completely fogged in, which usually means that once you go up and over the dunes you’re blasted away by a cold wind and not exactly tempted to settle in for a long visit. However, we lucked out and the beach was a great temperature (although a bit windy) and the fog gave us a perfect, moody backdrop. Here’s our friend Andy playing catch with their son:



Wouldn’t this make a cool painting?

Here’s Tom and Hot Wheels down by the water:



Somewhere out beyond them in the ocean is a whale we saw spouting off from time to time. A whale! Sweet!

And here is Amy and Andy’s dog Gus:




It was Gus’ 10th birthday, and he was as happy as a dog can possibly be. At least until the ranger strolled up and issued him a citation for being off-leash. He wasn’t too happy about that, I tell you. 

Other than that – it was a picture perfect day.

Today is the 19th. It is my wonderful Great Aunt Winifred’s Anniversary of Profession today, as well as my other Great Aunt Carmencita’s birthday and Joe and Kristen’s wedding anniversary. That makes this one heck of a good day. I wish I could be there with you all to celebrate, but I’m sending lots of love and hoping your weekend was as lovely as mine.

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  1. One of the top 10 beach days ever. Thanks for great post, I can’t believe it’s been a year since you were in Mochi Peach U.

    So glad you went!

    20 Apr 2009 at 1:34 pm

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