Happy Fathers

Posted by laura on Jun 22 2009 | Holiday

Hope all you fathers had happy days yesterday! Dad, I hope you had a terrific time with everyone over – wish we could have been there. It sure sounded like a great afternoon.

I think Tom’s day in general could have been better, seeing as he’s still sick, Honey’s still sick, and it was hard to drum up the energy to do much. Although the day had its share of downs, there were some serious ups as well – please see Exhibit A:


Exhibit A

Official World’s Greatest Dad hat, lovingly (if not meticulously) embellished by Hot Wheels. Our local Dad rocked this look with a hot Volcom tshirt and board shorts.

On to Exhibit B:

Exhibit B

Exhibit B

Landscapes. The perfect antidote to the flues (flu blues) is a Father’s Day painting session. In these circumstances, the key to success rests entirely in the canvas size to energy level ratio. These little numbers are just a couple inches wide (they’re drying in a shoe box lid). Aren’t they lovely?

Our last exhibit has to do with dessert.

Exhibit C

Exhibit C

Strawberry shortcake. My she’s looking swell! (Nothing quite like dating yourself with ad references from the seventies.)

All in all, the day wasn’t a total wash – just close to it. We hoped that Hot Wheels would dodge the virus, but he came down with it last night. We could sense it coming on when he turned himself in for a rest early in the day, saying, “I’m just going to sleep until dinnertime.” Then a little later on, he was standing in the kitchen, trying to form a coherent sentence about lunch, when he suddenly became aware that his bare feet were standing in a patch of light on the floor. He curled himself down onto the warm square and said, “This is awfully nice.” Now these might not necessarily be hints of oncoming sickness – as Mum pointed out on the phone, he might have just been a cat in a previous life. So we’ll add that to his chart.

Now I’m off to don my Nurse Nancy cap and a crisp apron. If you need some soup or a smoothie, you know where to find me.

One last thing – to Dad, and Craig, and Tom, and the many fathers who truly give the title its finest definition – thank you. For the countless stories, the patience, the drawings, the care, the inventiveness, the curiosity, the jokes, the strength, the effort. Nice work.

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