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Posted by laura on Mar 17 2010 | Making, School

a muffled cry for help?

That would have been me, calling out from under an avalanche of cotton and muslin. Honey’s fourth grade class goes to Sutter’s Fort on the first of April, and we’ve been in full production mode, putting together her outfit, my outfit, and a pile of bags for the kids to use for their lunches and notebooks.

Overall, it’s been really fun. I’ve spent a couple of sunny Sundays cutting and adjusting and stitching away, listening to the Blind Boys of Alabama and learning a good deal. For example, I learned how to grade my seams! (I gave most of them Bs and one B+.)

I also discovered that had I been alive in the 184os, I would have been sunk. I have a hard enough time with patterns and a sewing machine – the idea of cutting the material freestyle and sewing it up by hand just gives me hives.

See that sleeve on the right there? My pattern called for an elastic cuff, but that would be a no-go for this time period, so I figured, no worries – I’ll just stitch up a cuff to cap the end of that sleeve. I wanted it to be a bit adjustable, since we’ll pass this dress down to our friends next year, and just working it out burned up a good section of my brain cells. They were nice ones, too – I’ll miss ‘em.

Of course, typical me, I ended up pacing myself pretty well for a while and then staying up into the night last night finishing all the button holes and hems, since they needed to wear their outfits to school today for a costume check. So by the time I realized I really needed to lop off a good 8 inches off the bottoms of the apron and the dress, it was just too late, so I hemmed them sloppily and will have to go back. Bah. I still hate hemming. I certainly wasn’t doing myself any favors, though – look at that hem! It’s like a foot high!! No wonder it’s wonky. It never had a chance.

The good news? She likes it anyway.

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  1. Nana

    Clearly channeling Laura Ingalls Wilder, or possibly Holly Hobbie. Both of them would have made that run through the grass and trees. How pleased they would be to see such a modern girl re-living their adventures! The stitchery is just beautiful–can we see the grown-up dress, too? I think there will be great fun at Sutter’s Fort.

    19 Mar 2010 at 5:55 pm

  2. laura

    Thanks, Mum! I love the thought of those pioneers seeing all the kids at school playing around in their old time clothes. Makes me wonder what our kids would think of clothing 170 years in the future?

    And sure, you can see the grown up dress – it’s right there in that first shot. The green checkish material. That’s it! Yup – less than 2 weeks to go and I haven’t even cut the material yet. I honestly will never learn. (It’s so not your fault.)

    19 Mar 2010 at 7:57 pm

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